Welcome to Keith Ryan Fitness

Happiness… what does that word mean to you?

Everything I do here is built around how to help the people who come here be happy.

No amount of shiny kit or sweaty classes can hide the fact that without having someone on your side the process of getting fitter, stronger, more toned and more confident can be harder.

My goal is to create happiness through exercise and nutrition that happens quickly but also lasts. Whether it is group training or personal training, I know how to create incredible health and great bodies

I support EVERY client with bespoke nutrition advice, and provide daily feedback on how you can make each day better.

And I’ll never give you MY diet.

I’ll never give you MY training plans

and here’s why:

It’s not about me… it’s about you.

By understanding things in life that make you happy, along with how and when your life gets intense, honoring the foods you love and the training you’ll enjoy most (or hate least!) – I create YOUR plan. There’s no detoxing, shakes or pills. Every exercise, every rep, every set is geared towards one thing – personal brilliance.

Knowing what makes you YOU is the only way I can create a journey that leads to success, and I’ll never train someone who I can’t have a coffee with first
(Never take life too seriously, unless it’s about coffee – always take coffee seriously!)

If you would like to set up a meeting with me to find out more and grab yourself a free session, hit the button to apply below :)